Democrats who supported border security ten years ago are now in support of open borders and total amnesty.

If the left has its way, America will witness an influx of migrants comparable to what Europe experienced over the last decade.

Meanwhile, the largest single group of illegals ever caught entering the country tunneled underneath the border wall in San Luis, Arizona on Monday.

Also, while the mainstream media claims minorities hate Trump, a new poll shows Latino support for POTUS has risen 19 percent since December.

In yet another example of why the southern border needs to be guarded, Border Patrol seized more than 700 pounds of cocaine on the Texas side of the border this week.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Customs and Border Protection said the suspects were seen loading ‘bundles of narcotics’ into an off-road-style utility vehicle outside of Garciasville, a city in Texas up against the river. The suspects, apparently aware they had been seen, were able to ‘abruptly’ drive the vehicle into the river and escape into Mexico.”

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