As part of their ongoing quest to get into the UK, migrants in Calais staged a riot, blocked roads, destroyed cars, chanted “f**k the UK” and tried to break into ferries crossing to Britain.

From The Daily Express:

THIS shocking video shows the moment three British holidaymakers were caught up in violence and chaos at Calais as hundreds of migrants went on the rampage.

The bone chilling footage shows their car driving through thick clouds of tear gas as French riot police battle in vain to restore control to the road leading up to the town’s port.

It further underlines the carnage that gripped the lawless port town yesterday as revealed by, when a crowd of 300 migrants chanting “f*** the UK” hurled rocks at cars and tried to board lorries and ferries to Britain.

In the video, uploaded to the driver’s Instagram page, rioting migrants can be seen running wild on the road leading up to Calais port, which had to be closed for hours by the authorities sparking traffic misery for tourists.

Families reported being stuck in the chaos all day as gangs of migrants attacked the causeway in waves, hurling rocks and other projectiles at cars and breaking into lorries.

Breitbart has more:

“Been stuck at #Calais for 12hrs. I’ve watched migrants throw bricks at cars, dive into water by Ferries & run into @LeShuttle. Chaos”, Tweeted British journalist Alex Macheras on Monday evening.

Adding: “I can assure you that what is being reported as a ‘power outage’ is actually violence & chaos from migrants fighting police here”.

“Still here stuck in #Calais after a day & night with migrants fighting with police, tear gas being used & 5 mile + long queues. Chaotic!” Mr. Macheras added on Tuesday morning.

A Calais police spokesman told France 3: “Police personnel have been deployed in numbers and had to use tear gas to evict migrants from the roadway. At the same time controls have been strengthened all across the port of Calais.”

Another video uploaded to the Les Calaisiens en Colère Facebook group last week shows migrants running into the road and attempting to block oncoming traffic with cones.

Cars also crashed into the debris the migrants were throwing into the roads.

After witnessing this chaos, I think we can all agree Brits need to open their hearts, borders and wallets so these friendly folks can enrich their culture.

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