President Obama’s claim he could win a third term was debunked by a poll showing only 26% would vote for him again.

The Monmouth University poll released Monday also revealed that 68% would vote for someone else if the Constitution allowed Obama to run a third term.

The poll proves Obama wrong not long after he told members of the African Union he could win again.

“Under our Constitution, I cannot run again,” the president said. “I think if I ran, I could win.”

The Monmouth University Polling Institute called that “wishful thinking” in a press release accompanying the poll results, which also showed that only 23% of independents would give Obama four more years, despite the president carrying the independent vote in the 2008 presidential election.

“It’s no surprise that Obama would find little enthusiasm for another four years in the White House among Republicans (5%) or even independents (23%) at this stage, however, his support among Democrats is not particularly strong either – just 53% would back the incumbent for a third term while 43% of his fellow partisans would vote for somebody else,” Monmouth University Polling Institute stated.

The institute also asked Democrats their opinion on Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and only 41% said they supported it.

“The numbers only get worse among independents and Republicans,” The Federalist reported. “Overall, just 27 percent of those polled believe Congress should approve the controversial nuclear deal with Iran.”

“A majority of Republicans (55%) and a plurality of independents (33%) believe Congress should reject the deal.”

The poll was conducted with 1,203 adults in the U.S. and has a margin of error of + 2.8%.

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