Tucker Carlson took to task an activist who claims that GOP efforts to denounce the violent street gang MS-13, composed of hundreds of illegal immigrants is somehow bigoted.

Carlson debated guest Cristobal Alex, President of the Latino Victory Fund, who claimed that an advert put out by Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie last week was ‘playing on racial stereotypes’ as it denounced the MS-13 gang.

Carlson argued that overwhelming numbers of MS-13 members are undocumented immigrants, and that so called ‘sanctuary cities’ are providing their activities with shelter.

Alex claimed that the Gillespie ad falsely equates illegals with gang members, adding that it is a coordinated effort on behalf of Republicans to create a “Latino boogeyman.”

“It’s it’s a little confusing, as I mean I would think everybody would be against MS-13, which of course preys primarily upon immigrants. Why is it bigoted to denounce MS-13?” Carlson asked.

“This ad isn’t about MS-13, what it is is about appearing to show Latinos with the same brush stroke as this gang and that’s a terrible thing.” Alex argued.

“There’s a massive movement of gang members from El Salvador to the United States, that’s just real.” Carlson countered, adding that “it’s fair to say that letting tons of people in illegally is going to increase the strength of the gang.”

“Who’s killed more immigrants, Ed Gillespie and Donald Trump or MS-13?” Carlson continued.

“The problem with the ad is it’s basically saying that sanctuary cities are leading to these problems and that’s not at all the case.” Alex claimed.

“Not to say that all people here legally are bad, most of them are not bad, but when you let a lot of people in illegally you’re gonna get some MS-13 members, that’s a fact it’s not a Republican talking point.” Carlson noted.

Alex responded by claiming that the ad is ‘blatantly scaremongering’.

“Should people not be scared of MS-13?” Carlson shot back, adding “If you’re Ed Gillespie, should you just not mention MS-13 because it hurts people’s feelings?”

Alex then avoided the question and tried to talk about Donald Trump, before Carlson ended the conversation saying “I’m not sure Ed Gillespie should be talking campaign advice from you!”

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