During his only interview with a UK journalist, President Trump told Piers Morgan that there “is a sea of blood, all over the floors” in London hospitals because “everybody is being stabbed.”

Trump sat down with Morgan to discuss several issues on the last day of his state visit, with the President’s comments about violent crime standing out.

While Morgan, a noted critic of gun violence in the US, tried to steer the conversation more toward gun control scenarios, Trump noted that such violence is not limited to the US.

“In London you have stabbings all over.” Trump noted, adding “I read an article where everybody is being stabbed. They said your hospital is a sea of blood, all over the floors.”

With regard to gun crime, Trump noted that his administration placed restrictions on bump stocks, and he vowed to look into laws regarding silencers.

The President warned, however, that banning guns would leave innocent citizens as ‘sitting ducks’ for those who obtain guns illegally.

“The bad guys are not getting rid of their guns,” Trump noted.

The President then referenced the massacre last year in Paris, noting that if just ‘one or two or three’ innocent people had been armed ‘it would have never happened’.

Morgan then argued that Americans should not have access to semi-automatic weapons, and pushed Trump to give reasons why they should be legally allowed to own such guns.

“For some people it’s entertaining” Trump answered.

Morgan then ended the topic of conversation by ‘urging’ Trump to make further efforts to prevent gun violence in the US.

Below are more segments from the wide ranging interview.

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