President Trump tweeted a short video clip Saturday showing the effectiveness of border walls, comparing America’s open borders to Israel’s concrete border wall.


The clip, produced by the Daily Caller, begins with Democrat Party leadership House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), and former President Obama disparaging the usefulness of border walls.

The video then shows Israel’s 30-foot-high concrete border followed by various experts explaining the sharp decrease in illegal crossings from that country.

A U.S. rancher is then seen standing next to a decrepit barbed wire fence separating America from Mexico, where he proceeds to simply crawl under the fence.

“Welcome to Mexico,” he says.

“The border is not secure,” he adds. “The bad guys are coming across. They can be vicious.”

Trump signed a bill Friday that temporarily reopens the government until February 15th, but has warned Democrats and Republicans that if they can’t make a deal to pass substantial border security which includes an effective barrier, the government will descend back into a shutdown or he will declare a national emergency.

The time has come for patriots to hold Trump’s feet to the fire. Alex explains that by forcing Trump to do his job, America still has a chance to be saved from the globalist agenda.

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