Attendees of a Democratic Socialists of America convention were falling victim to their own ridiculous standard of political correctness, newly-released footage reveals.

Watch attendees of the weekend gathering address each other as ‘comrade’ while making their preferred pronouns and ‘personal privilege’ known before speaking in a scene that could have been an SNL skit 20 years ago.

‘Comrade’ Jackson seemingly failed to mind everyone’s sensibilities as immediately after his request another attendee had a grievance that needed hearing.

“Point of personal privilege,” said the outraged attendee. “Please do not use gendered language to address everyone!”

But ‘Comrade’ Jackson wasn’t finished, not long after his first request, he had another ‘quick point of privilege.’

Before you conclude that this footage was simply an anomaly and not representative of the DSA attendees as a whole, take note of the convention’s rules that warn “aggressive scents” are not welcome in the “quiet room” and doors are not to be misused.

And perhaps most notable, members are advised not to talk to cops, the press, or “MAGA assholes.”

Exactly how these self-described revolutionaries intend to “defeat capitalism” may always be a mystery to outsiders, as the ‘solidarity’ their anthem champions is only afforded to fellow DSA members.

“Solidarity forever! For the union makes us strong!”

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