With ABC News’ release of new footage showing the violent assaults outside Trump’s rally in San Jose, we can now see the same Mexican thug attacked two different victims, sucker-punching both like a filthy coward. 

At 2:19 below you see the same guy punching another Trump supporter in the back of the head. Same haircut, same backpack, same clothes, same cowardly despicableness.

San Jose’s pathetic police chief said he didn’t want to intervene to stop these assaults because he didn’t want to “incite more violence.”

These videos show his lack of action lead to more people being attacked by the same criminals, meanwhile only one of his cops suffered “minor injuries.”

I said day one these were targeted attacks and these thugs should be charged with hate crimes.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton responded to this terroristic onslaught of thuggery by rushing to meet with a bunch of illegals in SoCal to promise them all amnesty.

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