A new video has emerged out of last week’s San Jose riots which shows tolerant, peaceful, non-racist Bernie supporters carrying “we need socialism” signs viciously attack Trump-supporting Hispanics.

This one certainly doesn’t fit the narrative.

The clip shows an anti-Trump agitator steal a pro-Trump sign being carried by a Hispanic man before the Trump supporter is hit by a flurry of punches.

Another Hispanic Trump supporter who tries to protect the man is then hit in the face by a Bernie supporter. Another Bernie supporter in a black cap and hood then punches the pro-Trump Hispanic for a second time.

The Bernie supporters demand to know if the Hispanic man they have just punched twice is “with Trump,” to which he responds, “It doesn’t f**king matter.”

The crowd then breaks into a chant of “F**k Donald Trump!”

The Trump supporters then have objects pelted at them before a Bernie supporter in a white shirt takes a run up and socks one of the Trump supporters in the back of the head.

Some of the members of the group – who have just watched their allies beat up two Hispanic men over their political beliefs – are carrying signs emblazoned with the words, “Fight Racism!”

The violent Bernie supporters then demand that the pro-Trump Hispanics leave, before one of them screams, “You f**king sellout!”

Imagine if white Trump supporters had harassed, punched and chased Hispanic Bernie voters – there would be national outrage and the media would still be talking about it nearly a week later.

But this went by almost completely unreported because it totally eviscerates the contrived hoax that Trump supporters are all racist bigots.

Meanwhile, a video which features Mexican-American explaining why he is supporting Trump is also going viral. Watch the clip below.


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