Footage out of Portland, Oregon shows a group of BLM or Antifa activists flipping off and cursing out an Asian man they misidentified as conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

“Fuck you Andy,” a woman shouted while flipping off the anonymous Asian man walking by.

“Who are you?” a male protester asked when the man approached the hostile group.

“Why the middle finger?” the man asked, adding, “Who the fuck are you?”

“Do you think I’m Andy Ngo?” he asked the group, one woman responding, “We know you’re Andy Ngo.”

The Asian guy then called the girl a “racist cunt,” and asked if they’d like to see his face to prove he isn’t Ngo.

“I’m fucking sick of this,” he said, explaining, “This is the third time this has happened to me at a protest.”

The man continued, calling the group “racist cunts” and they refused to believe that he’s not Andy.

“If you’re not Andy then you wouldn’t be antagonizing. You piece of shit,” a woman declared.

The real Andy Ngo caught wind of the story and covered in on Twitter, calling the confused Antifa members “idiots.”

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