A swarm of police officers burst through the door of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey and arrested the owners for violating Governor Murphy’s (D) authoritarian shutdown order.

Video shows Atilis co-founders Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith getting arrested by police with K-9 units on Monday.

Atilis claimed on Facebook that the officers entered the gym without a warrant, adding this incident will be “fun” to litigate in court.

“Welcome to America 2020, where feeding your family and standing up for your Constitutional rights is illegal,” the gym posted. “@govmurphy flexing his little tyrant muscles finally – only took him 70 days. Officers from the county sheriffs entered the premises without a warrant or adhering to the signage posted on the door requesting they call first. They took Frank and I away and boarded up our private place of business. This is gonna be fun in court. If this doesn’t alarm you, you’re part of the problem. Please share and repost, let’s make these idiots answer for their power trip.”

BJ Dowlen, who writing a book with the Atilis owners in the gym at the time of the raid, further explained what happened.

Well, this was a first. I stayed the night in the gym writing, my book clients Ian & Frank were just waking up, I’m…

Posted by BJ Dowlen on Monday, July 27, 2020

“Well, this was a first,” Dowlen said in a Facebook post. “I stayed the night in the gym writing, my book clients Ian & Frank were just waking up, I’m gathering my computer & notebooks, just waiting for the guys to come out for a few final questions, and then a SWARM of Camden County Sheriffs & local Bellmawr police (with K-9 units waiting in a vehicle) come bursting thru the door….to me, sitting there, writing, by myself. First & foremost, the law enforcement officers were polite & respectful. Look for my video footage on national channels. And tonight/this morning, I am writing this new book chapter right now!!!”

Tumbetti and Smith were both charged with one count of fourth-degree contempt, obstruction, and violation of disaster control act — both disorderly persons summons – and were released.

They had been battling local and state authorities to keep their gym open since they reopened in May in defiance of Murphy’s lockdown orders.

Bellmawr police came shortly after they reopened, but declared they would not enforce Murphy’s order.

Smith appeared on Tucker last week to explain the extreme measures his establishment was taking to remain open.

Consider supporting Atilis Gym by donating to their GoFundMe.


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