Chris Matthews, he who often gets thrills up his leg when thinking about Barack Obama, caused a stir online Thursday by actually comparing trolls spreading fake news on Twitter to the terrorists who flew planes into the World Trade Center.

In an altogether rambling rant titled “How Russia Won,” Matthews addressed the issue of advertisements on social media, allegedly from Russian based accounts, that have promoted fake news, attempting to link them to Donald Trump’s election victory:

The point of Matthews’ incoherence was an argument for a crack down on internet use by the government.

The comparison Matthews made to 9/11 was, however, completely overboard.

“When they came here to bomb us, hit the World Trade Centers back in 2001, did you notice how they came here for flying lessons? And Americans gave them flying lessons down in Florida, and the guy giving them flying lessons said ‘I thought they were from Germany.’ ” Matthews rambled.

“Come on—a little sophistication about who is coming to get the bombing lessons, controlling an airplane and taking it into the Twin Towers,” Matthews said while his guest Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) nodded along.

Matthews compared the ‘numbnuts’ in charge of web companies to those flight instructors.

“Now these guys just casually take Twitter,” Matthews said. “They exploit the hell out of it, it’s free. They exploit Facebook, they pay a few bucks, and these numbnuts that give them this authority, they treat these platforms like they are open to anybody—come on, the bank’s open.”

He then called Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, by the wrong name to emphasize his point.

“Doesn’t it amaze you that people like Zuckerman act like they are so neutral on this fight between the bad guys and the good guys?” Matthews asked.

Schiff responded by suggesting “This is going to have to be part of our oversight.”

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