Among the numerous viral videos out of Monday night’s Kenosha, Wisconsin riots is footage of a “peaceful protester” being struck in the face by a bullet after a homeowner fired multiple rounds at a caravan of BLM rioters.

Many outlets ran with headlines saying a homeowner “fired warning shots” at the looters, but video posted to shows a man was hit in the face by the gunfire.

Breitbart reported, “Shortly after midnight, a group of demonstrators got in their cars and traveled to a residential neighborhood where they parked in a grassy area across from a row of houses. As they began exiting their vehicles, a homeowner emerged from his house and began firing warning shots at the rioters.”

Check out the mayhem for yourself in the video below:

In the second part of the video, after the “protesters” exit their vehicle, the man who was filming can be seen talking with a police officer about the incident.

The man argued with police about their handling of the shooting and tried to insinuate the suspect was being treated well because he’s white.

In another video out of Kenosha, looters trying to destroy vehicles at a car dealership are told to “back the fuck away” from the businesses by men carrying long rifles and firing warning shots.

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