Hillary Clinton treated an audience to a prime cut of her bitterness this week, with added hypocrite sauce, as she declared that Republicans must choose between following the rule of law or following “the rule of Trump.”

“We’ll see whether it’s the rule of law or the rule of Trump that the Republicans in the Congress and in the courts are going to abide by,” Clinton said, referring to the president’s vow to invoke executive privilege and ignore Congressional subpoenas concerning the Russia report.

“We are at a crisis point and I say that with great sadness.” Clinton declared, adding that there will be “big court fights,” that will “end up in the Supreme Court”.

As many noted, Hillary Clinton really shouldn’t be lecturing anyone regarding the rule of law:

Hillary made the comments at an event in New Hampshire, further suggesting that she will essentially run a campaign against Trump, albeit likely not for the Presidency.

She also couldn’t resist verbal vomiting once again about the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

“The idea that our election is being trifled with, being impacted, and maybe being determined by Putin … that should give us heartburn,” Clinton said.

Hillary proclaimed that she wears it as a badge of honor that she “really annoyed” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We cannot have a strong relationship with Russia for good or ill if we basically allow them to undermine the basic exercise of our democracy,” Clinton said.

“I think Putin has a very clear agenda which is to weaken not only our democracy, but all of the western democracies,” she added.

Serving up another slice of hypocrisy, Hillary then blamed “conspiracy fetishizing on the internet” for her loss to Trump, saying that she encountered all sorts of people while campaigning who believe she is evil and a murderer.

“Well wouldn’t you think I’d been, like they used to say, locked up by now if that were the case,” Clinton said.

The entire event is here, if you can stomach it:

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