Humans must give in to fear and reject logic, a liberal explained to Trump supporters over the weekend.

In a confrontation filmed at the Women’s March in DC, a Trump-hating liberal complained that the President’s trademark “Make America Great Again” hat “incites fear” and argued people should be motivated by fear instead of facts.

“Keep America Great – for so many people that’s racism,” the hairless liberal tells pro-Trump activist David J. Harris Jr.

“That’s because of the mainstream media’s narrative that’s painted Donald Trump as a racist,” Harris tells the woman. “I don’t agree with the narrative. I’m out here to try to share that that narrative is skewed.”

The woman proceeds to tell the Harris that emotions are real, unlike those imaginary, annoying facts Trump supporters like to cite.

“But as a human being we should pay attention to fear and not logic,” she says. “Emotions are real. Emotions is one removed from spirit.”

“Emotions are the only thing that are real in this world.”

The video is further proof Trump Derangement Syndrome has infected liberals to the point they cannot be reasoned with.

Watch the entire incredible exchange below:



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