Numerous millennial-age Hillary Clinton supporters endorsed the notion of repealing the Second Amendment in a recent report shot by Campus Reform.

Asked if infringing on the right to bear arms would be a “good idea,” various attendees at a Hillary event in Annandale, Virginia, said they would support such proposals.

“Oh yeah, definitely, I really think that we really need to start viewing human rights as more important than gun rights,” one college-age person answered.

“Yeah I think it would be a good idea,” another Hillary supporter stated, adding, “I hate the NRA.”

Yet another Clinton backer agreed with the suggestion to do away with the Second Amendment and start from scratch.

“Yeah, totally; I mean it’s kind of ridiculous to me that, yeah, the Constitution is great and everything, but you have to remember that people made these, humans make mistakes and it was written hundreds of years ago,” the Hillary supporter stated.

“Overall, young people felt strongly that the best option for the U.S. is to abolish the Second Amendment and start over,” reports Campus Reform.

The Clinton campaign has routinely called for “common sense gun reform,” a term one Hillary delegate recently admitted was code for wanting to ban guns altogether.

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