During a speech in Harlem Tuesday, Hillary Clinton suffered a massive coughing fit that went on for several minutes, prompting more speculation about the state of her health and fitness to run for President.

Hillary was talking about white “privilege” and claiming that black Americans have to overcome “seen and unseen” obstacles to get ahead in life, but could barely get her words out between coughing fits.

The situation was cringe inducing as supporters in the crowd attempted to cover up the embarrassment by clapping and chanting “Hillary, Hillary…” while Clinton popped lozenges and sipped water.

This is now becoming a regular occurrence with Hillary.

During a speech in Iowa last month, the exact same thing happened:

Hillary also had a coughing fit during last year’s Benghazi hearings:

The scenes of Hillary in this state, along with information from sources in the know have prompted Matt Drudge to declare that Clinton’s health is deteriorating.

Drudge and others have claimed that the coughing fits are related to an ongoing thyroid problem, and that the medication she is taking is also affecting Clinton’s public appearances.

After a fall and a concussion in 2014, reportedly related to a blood clot between her brain and skull, it was also speculated that Clinton has heart problems which are causing fainting, and may even lead to a stroke.

Clinton has denied that she has any medical conditions, telling a supporter last month that it’s part of the right wing conspiracy against her.

“Oh my. Well, you know, they say nearly anything about me… There are several themes they keep beating the drums on. I’ll match my endurance against anybody. And last spring, my doctor put out a letter and you know, said what great health.” Hillary said.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com.

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