That sneaky Hillary Clinton tried to hide more coughing today be pretending to scratch her nose.

Appearing for congressional candidate Donna Shalala in Miami, Florida, Clinton spoke for about 18 minutes.

“So 13 days, let’s make Donna Shalala goes to Congress,” Hillary concluded, coughing, but trying to swallow it.

As the candidate joined her on stage, an alarmed look grew on Clinton’s face.

She coughed into her hand.

Moments later, as she first pushed the microphone down, and after it was ultimately removed from the stage, several other candidates joined them for a photo.

As Hillary was about to leave the stage, she attempted to cover another cough by scratching her nose.

The failed Democrat presidential candidate was strolling on the campus of Mansfield College in England earlier this month.

Clinton was walking with a group of women when she coughed uncontrollably.

“Can I get some water?” she asked an aide as she walked by the camera.

She repeatedly coughed into the paw she uses to shake hands with fans.

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