Hillary Clinton is still complaining about losing the 2016 election to President Trump, and still blaming everything other than herself.

In an appearance at George Washington University, Hillary decided to reel off a list of conspiracy theories reasons she lost to Trump, including voter suppression, hacking, fake news, and a lack of election security.

Hillary announced that she has been mentoring some of the Democratic candidates to run against Trump in 2020, news which is sure to please Trump and his supporters.

“This is one of those moments we stand at a crossroads of our own a crisis in democracy,” Clinton said. “Racists and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and the White House. Hard fought for civil rights are stripped back. Rule of law is being undermined, our norms and institutions … are under assault, and that includes the single most important fight of our times…the fight to protect the right to vote.”

“We are witnessing a deliberate and ongoing effort to undermine the integrity of our elections and silence millions of Americans … particularly women, the elderly and people of color,” Clinton claimed.

“It’s no accident,” she continued. “It’s in service to their larger goals of obtaining and keeping power.”

Hillary claimed that she lost the state of Wisconsin to Trump because 200,000 people were turned away from the polls, and “Officials [in Wisconsin] made every excuse in the books to prevent people from voting.”

Her loss was definitely nothing to do with the fact that Hillary refused to visit the state.

“You can run the best campaign and have the best plans and get the nomination and win the popular vote and you can lose the Electoral College and therefore the election,” she whined.

Hillary complained that ‘voter suppression’ lost her the election, but still boasted about winning the popular vote.


In truth, voter purging is a regular process that clears the rolls of people who either do not vote, have moved somewhere else, or have passed away. It’s not a big conspiracy to stop Hillary winning.

Clinton also reeled off the usual claptrap about “phony, false online news stories” costing her the election, and claimed that Trump is still spreading “fake endorsements and outright lies” about Democrats via Facebook and other online platforms.

In reality, studies found that fake stories on Facebook were microscopic in their real reach, with some actually working to the benefit of Hillary more than for Trump.

Clinton still warned, however, that the Russians are coming to meddle in the election again.

“We have a fundamental set of threats to the bedrock of our democracy, and anyone who stands in the way of confronting those threats… is abdicating their responsibility to protect and defend the constitution,” Hillary said.

“I was the first person who ran for president in more than 50 years without the protection of the Voting Rights Act,” she also complained.

“And let me just say, it makes a difference. We saw it once again in 2018, a case study in voter suppression. Voters faced intimidation and harassment … voter ID requirements amounted to a modern-day poll tax. Voter ID requirements made up for the purpose of prevention of certain people to cast a vote that would be counted. There were fewer voting places, longer lines and malfunctioning equipment in certain places.”

The whining went on and on and on.

No mention of the fact that she was having coughing fits and collapsing on camera every other day during her campaign though. No mention of the fact that she called the majority of Americans ‘deplorable’, or the fact that she broke the law by having a dodgy homemade email server.

Quite how Hillary’s list of phony reasons she lost can constitute ‘counseling’ for other Democratic candidates is anyone’s guess.

Why would any 2020 candidate take advice from the very person who so monumentally failed to run an effective election campaign, and still refuses to take responsibility for it?

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