Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer went to Des Moines, Iowa to interview attendees of Tuesday night’s Democratic debate at Drake University, but CNN did not want him there.

Check out the highlights from Shroyer’s trip below:

CNN Has Journalist Removed From Drake University

Owen Shroyer is removed from Drake University after complaints from a CNN crewmember.

Bernie Sanders Campaign At Democrat Debates Refuses To Disavow Political Terrorism

Owen Shroyer asks Students For Bernie Sanders to disavow political terrorism- watch what happens next.

Owen Shroyer Confronts Democrat Candidates And CNN Hosts About Bombshell Project Veritas Video

Owen Shroyer confronts several DNC Candidates and CNN hosts about the bombshell Project Veritas video in which a Bernie Sanders staffer calls for political violence and for the re-education of Trump supporters.

Trump Supporters See Democrats Weak Debate Turnout And Can Smell 2020 Victory

Owen Shroyer talks with a Trump supporter who came to Iowa to see the Democrat debate.

Bernie Supporter Disavows Violent Socialism From Project Veritas’ Undercover Video

Bernie supporter disavows violent socialism from Project Veritas’ undercover video.

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