Hate crime hoaxer Bubba Wallace was booed by the crowd as he was introduced at the NASCAR all-star qualifier, who also cheered after he crashed.

Wallace wiped out his car 17 laps into Thursday’s All-Star Open after trying to cut off driver Michael McDowell, whom he later blamed for his crash.

“Just disrespect. When you get hooked the right rear into the wall – I don’t even need to see a replay,” Wallace said to Fox Sports after the race. “People say one of the nicest guys in the garage. Can’t wait for the God-fearing text he’s going to send me about preaching and praising respect. What a joke he is.”

Wallace had caused an uproar last month after claiming he found a noose hanging from his Talladega garage stall, which 15 FBI agents later determined to be a garage door pull rope.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media went into overdrive trying to portray the hoax as a hate crime like they did with Jussie Smollett in 2019.

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