Is tech giant Google keeping information from its readers?

Jae Andres recently performed a side-by-side comparison of Google and Bing search engines to see how results would appear when he searched for information on Hillary Clinton and the beginning of the word “indictment.”

Andres’ video makes it pretty clear Google is skewing the results.

Andres started with two phones, one with the Bing search engine (left) and Google (right).

He first typed in “Hillary.”

On Bing, the results returned were, “hillary,” “hillary clinton,” “hillary clinton email scandal,” “hillary clinton indictment,” and “hillary clinton for president.”

On Google, “hillary,” “hillary clinton,” “hillary clinton email” and a link to Clinton’s Wikipedia page came up.

When Andres added “Clinton,” the results were similar.

He began adding “in,” as in “investigation” or “indictment.”

On Bing, the results were, “hillary clinton indictment,” “hillary clinton indictment coming,” “hillary clinton ind,” “hillary clinton investigation” and “hillary clinton in california.”

On Google, they were, “hillary clinton in,” “hillary clinton in ohio,” “hillary clinton in cleveland” and “hillary clinton instagram.”

After adding a “d,” the difference in results was even more stark.

On Bing, the resulted returned were, “hillary clinton indictment,” “hillary clinton indictment coming,” “hillary clinton ind,” “hillary clinton indictment 2016” and “hillary clinton indictment washington post.”

On Google, they were, “hillary clinton ind,” “hillary clinton ind,” “hillary clinton india” and “hillary clinton indiana campaign.”

Not a single reference to the ongoing FBI investigation and potential criminal indictment of a major candidate for president.

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