A German politician recently listed out some 60 alternative genders during the introduction to a speech opposing a new diversity bill in Brandenburg.

Addressing members of parliament June 9, social policy spokesman of the AFD Group Steffen Königer began by greeting the parliament president, ladies and gentlemen, gays, “dear lesbians,” and a multitude of other “sexual minorities.”

“Dear homosexuals, dear lesbians, dear androgynes, dear bi-genders, dear gender-variables,” Königer started off his speech, before cataloguing a number of other genders and ultimately stating the group rejects the proposal.

The president at one point asks if he can get in a question, however the parliament member replies, “But i’m not done with my introduction yet Mr. President, sorry.”

Königer’s speech was followed by a press release from the AFD group outlining its opposition to the bill.

German newspaper Junge Freiheit reported Königer didn’t research the gender titles, but simply read through Facebook’s list of genders for his intro.

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