If any more proof was needed that America’s youth is completely disconnected from politics and utterly consumed with meaningless pop culture, here it is.

Reporter Dan Joseph of MRCTV interviewed scores of students taking their final exams at George Mason University, just minutes away from the epicenter of the US government in Washington DC. What he found was disturbing.

Not one single student could explain why Benghazi is in the news currently. Indeed, not one student even knew what or where Benghazi is.

When Joseph offered up patently ridiculous explanations of what Benghazi is, such as a popular creamy sauce, or a Japanese robot designed to help with gardening, the students simply accepted them as fact without question.

Several students took a stab in the dark at the question. “It reminds me of a guy I work with at the gym,” one suggested, while another stated “It’s like where a lot of danger is in Afghanistan.”

Those who came closest suggested it was “some type of geographic region” and “something in the Middle East”. As for why it is in the news, none of the students had any idea, with only one taking a punt, suggesting “because of the Save The Children,” most likely a reference to the recent events in Nigeria. You know, Nigeria, Libya, they’re in Africa, that’s close enough.

Another student confessed, she felt “dumb for not knowing” because her “upset” family “talks about it around the dinner table”.

The cold hard reality of America’s youth in 2014 – their families talk about important events at the dinner table and they just switch off and pay no attention.

What they do pay attention to, however, is Pharrell Williams, a pop singer who recently had a hit with “Happy”, a no-care-in-the-world happy-go-lucky song from the soundtrack of the animated movie Despicable Me 2.

In the song, amongst total gibberish lyrics, Pharrell sings

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

There’s something young Americans can understand. Just clap along like a smiley faced slave, and don’t worry about reality, just be happy.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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