Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said something interesting during an appearance on the Morning Joe Show on Thursday.

At 5:10 into the interview Fiorina dropped a bombshell:

“If you listen to your reporter earlier, what he said is the ATF believes that someone purchased this gun on behalf of the police department and somehow that gun ended up in the hands of this guy, so it actually does not sound at all like this man purchased a firearm,” she said.

How did a firearm destined for a police department end up in the hands of a suspected mass shooter?

According to police and the media, the person who allegedly bought the guns was as a friend.

From CBS News earlier today:

All four guns used by the suspects in the deadly San Bernardino shooting have been traced and they were all purchased legally, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed Thursday.

CBS News’ Paula Reid reported that two of the guns were purchased by someone who is already known by investigators.

A law enforcement source told CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton the weapons were purchased legally in California. The long guns were legally transferred from a friend.

Meredith Davis of the ATF said all four guns were bought four years ago. Davis said California requires paperwork when guns change hands privately but many other states don’t.

This seems to contradict California law. It is illegal to transfer AK and AR-15 series or other similar series in the state according to Penal Code sections 30625 and 30630. The exception is if the firearm is transferred through a licensed firearms dealer using a Private Party Transfer form. If this is the case, California knows who conducted the transaction because a Dealer’s Record of Sale form is recorded by the state.

Owners get around California’s strict gun laws by buying weapons with a “bullet button,” a release button for the magazine that is activated by using the tip of a bullet. Police claim an AR-15 used in the shooting had a bullet button.

Since the alleged transfer mentioned by Fiorina is not sufficiently detailed, it is unlikely if we will ever find out where the gun came from and if indeed it was purchased for the police. It has been dropped from the storyline like the third suspect who the police now insist does not exist despite witnesses stating three people were involved in the shooting.

There is speculation this phantom third person is a government agent, although there is no definitive proof to this theory.

Also interesting is how quickly Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski changed the subject after Fiorina mentioned a connection to the police.

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