A CNN host pondered Monday whether President Trump will use the fourth of July celebrations to issue a ‘call for violence’ to his supporters.

The network is literally in a panic over Trump planning to throw a traditional Independence Day celebration complete with a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and ‘fireworks being shot over Mount Rushmore’.


Noting that the President is seeking to “Trumpify the Fourth of July”, Alisyn Camerota, host of CNN’s New Day asked Washington post columnist Josh Dawsey “What kind of speech would he give?”

“Would he give a presidential speech or would he give one of these sort of ‘foaming at the mouth’ speech that we sometimes see at the rallies where they clamor… where people in the crowd clamor for violence?” Camerota added.

The pair further claimed that ‘city officials’ are very worried about the event.

“City officials are bit concerned about the president and his motorcade coming to the Lincoln Memorial — to the location of the fireworks.” Dawsey claimed.

“You know, that’s a time when hundreds of thousands of people are moving about Washington trying to get to the fireworks, trying to get to the National Mall.” he added.

However will the authorities cope with people moving about in a major city?

“And a presidential motorcade takes some pretty onerous steps to get the president there safely and there’s some concern about logistical challenges of moving the president on the same time as hundreds of thousands of people are out and about.” the analyst also dubiously claimed.

Camerota got the heart of the matter, however, when she noted that Dawsey has suggested that Trump wants to turn the celebrations into one of his rallies, with the focus being on “America, and patriotism, and the economy, and his administration’s accomplishments. And, you know, kind of a rah-rah speech.”

Imagine Americans acting patriotically on July the fourth.

How awful.

This is exactly why CNN is attempting to shut it down by equating the proposed celebrations with ‘violence’.

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