Two protesters chanting “Bill Clinton is a rapist” crashed an Obama speech while blowing on “rape whistles” before being escorted out by security.

The video shows an African-American man begin the chant while Obama is speaking as Hillary supporters immediately call for his removal.

The crowd then tries to drown out the demonstrators by chanting “OBAMA!” in unison.

“I need you to stop, I need you to stop,” a security agent tells the man before him and his friend are forced to leave.

Hillary supporters yell at the pair as they are being escorted out of the stadium, with one shouting, “You’re full of shit!”

“Keep walking, keep walking,” the security agent tells the man, who continues to blow his “rape whistle”.

“Stop pushing me,” the protester tells the agent, who advises him that he will be made to exit “one of two ways”.

“Blue lives matter! We will not let some crooked woman steal our country!” yells the other demonstrator as the pair exit the stadium.

“Bill Clinton is a rapist” protests have swept the country since Infowars first offered cash rewards for anybody who crashed a live political event or a TV broadcast by shouting the phrase.


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