Liberal activist Noam Chomsky has doubled down on comments he made last month, saying he believes that President Trump may stage a terrorist attack in order to distract from unfulfilled promises and to bolster support.

Chomsky made the comments on Democracy Now, when asked to clarify his previous assertion that Trump may concoct a false flag attack and blame it on ‘vulnerable people’.

The author at first attempted to play down the comments saying that what he said wasn’t as inflammatory as some headlines suggested, but then he simply repeated the assertion that the President could literally stage a terrorist attack.

“Sooner or later this con game is not going to work,” said Chomsky, adding “People will understand he’s not bringing back jobs, he’s not going to recreate the partly illusory, partly real picture of what life was like in the past with manufacturing jobs, and a functioning society where you can get ahead and so on and so forth, he’s not going to create that.”

“What happens at that point? Something has to be done to maintain control,” Chomsky continued.

“The obvious technique is scapegoating. So, blame it on immigrants, on the Muslims, on somebody, but that can only go so far.” he exclaimed.

“The next step would be, as I said, an alleged terrorist attack, which is quite easy, in fact almost normal, like Condoleezza Rice’s ‘Mushroom Cloud,'” Chomsky continued, referring to the former National Security Adviser’s infamous fearmongering quote about Saddam Hussein potentially acquiring nuclear weapons in 2002.

“That’s easy to construct alleged attacks.” Chomsky continued.

The author then suggested Trump could go even further, employing the FBI to actually make a terror attack occur.

“The other possibility is a staged attack of a minor kind, and how hard would that be? Take the FBI technique, which they are using constantly, of creating situations of entrapment. Suppose one goes a little too far and you don’t stop it right in time.” Chomsky said.

“That wouldn’t be hard to work out. I don’t particularly anticipate it, but it is a possibility. And this is a very frightened country. for years, this has probably been the most terrified country in the world.” he added.

Here is Alex Jones’ breakdown of Chomsky’s previous accusation that a staged attack could be employed:

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