Investigative journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to one of New York City’s recent BLM protests to see if any of the demonstrators would be willing to discuss crime statistics.

It turns out, the left is hostile to people who want to provide them with information that dismantles the lie that America has a racist policing system.

Published by The Washington Post, a joint study between Michigan State University and the University of Maryland tracking every police shooting across the country shows white Americans, both armed and unarmed, are more likely to be killed by police.

Horowitz showed this information along with other data to BLM protesters and not one of them was willing to engage in a debate on the subject.

Instead, he was told “suck d**ks,” to “f**k off and leave,” and to turn his camera off.

Shouldn’t people openly protesting something be equipped to discuss publicly available statistics on the very subject that brought them onto the streets in the first place?

Action 7’s Savanah Hernandez asked BLM supporters how many unarmed black Americans were killed by police in 2019 and once again, they were totally unaware of basic data.

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