Joe Biden’s a message for folks who insist America must stop all deportations: “Vote for Trump.”

Biden made it clear he plans to continue deporting criminals in the country illegally when confronted by immigration activists during a town hall at South Carolina’s Lander University Thursday. Those who disagree, he said, can vote for President Trump in 2020.

“In 2008, I was a volunteer for Obama because I had hope and I believed in the promises that he made to the immigrant community,” a Hispanic man told Biden at the event. “The fact is that over those eight years, over three million people were deported and separated from their families.”

“You should vote for Trump,” Biden replied. “You should vote for Trump.”

The man insisted Biden exercise executive privileges to stop all deportations on his first in office, if elected.

“You have the power as a candidate to actually commit to stop all deportations from day one through executive action and we want to hear you say that,” the man said.

The knowledge that a FBI official altered a document, which led to the surveillance of the Trump campaign, went all the way to “the top” of the Obama administration, President Trump said on Friday.
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“I will not stop all deportations,” Biden boomed, “if you commit a crime that’s a felony.”

The man and his comrades instantly broke into a call and response chant.

“Not one more,” he shouted.

“Deportation,” agitators in the crowed called back.

The group held up signs that repeated their message and began to move from the crowd toward the stage as Biden mumbled into the microphone.

“That’s all right,” he said. “I got ‘em. I got it.”

The speaker zoned in on Biden and got in his face.

“No matter what, somebody commits murder,” Biden said as the man closed in, “they shouldn’t be deported?”

The man gave Biden an earful, though only parts of the conversation were broadcast through the PA system.

“Three million people were separated,” he said, as Biden’s supporters shouted for him to “sit down.”

“I know, but …,” Biden said as his heckler continued to talk over him.

“Ok, look …,” he tried again.

“There will be no family separations under my, under my, as president of the United States,” Biden said as a staffer intervened to usher the Hispanic man away.

“That’s a lie,” a woman shouted from the crowd.

“That’s a lie?” Biden replied.

“Because all deportations are family separations,” the woman shot back.

Biden hung his head and paced about on stage as the group broke into another chant.

“Not one more,” the man shouted.

“Deportation,” his comrades fired back.

The agitators were eventually escorted out of the event, which also featured protestors who called on Biden to reject corporate donations. Biden insisted he doesn’t accept campaign contributions from corporations, the Post and Courier reports.

“Stop listening to Bernie,” Biden said.

Once the hecklers were removed, the news site reports, the event turned back to the important business of praising Joe Biden.

“I just want to say now much respect I have for you and your record of service,” the next speaker told the 77-year-old career politician.

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