In a Mark Dice-like stunt, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live asked street dwelling Americans in LA to name as many Avengers characters as they could, and then to name as many US Presidents as they could – the results were not pretty.

A multitude of people were able to name the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk etc etc, but when it came to Presidents, not so much.

A woman was able to name five Avengers, but only two Presidents – they being the first, George Washington, and the latest, Obama. When it came to thinking about any US presidents in the 220 years in between, she blanked out.

Another guy listed all eight avengers, then when he was asked to name presidents his first guess was “Grover Washington Jr”, a jazz-funk/soul-jazz saxophonist, who was, suffice to say, never a US president.

Another guy, unable to name any Avengers, when asked about presidents replied “Ah, forget it, I mean, I don’t vote. I don’t vote and I’m not political and I’m not religious.”

“But do you know any U.S. presidents?” the interviewer asked.

“Oh yeah, I mean, Jackson, Perot,” he replied, as it became clear that he was under the impression that Ross Perot was president in the 1970s.

Another person answered Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison, the inventor, clearly mixing up Edison and Jefferson.

Another person correctly answered Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, before declaring that Donald Trump had also been president.

Only one person was able to name more than two US presidents.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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