An abortion activist in Gainesville, Florida assaulted a blogger before another feminist responded by claiming that the man was assaulting her merely by filming her in a public place.

Bob Tuskin said he attended the pro-abortion protest to “ask some simple questions to those attending the event in a non-aggressive or controversial manner.”

The footage shows abortion advocates blocking their faces with signs despite the fact that they are attending a public demonstration and would presumably want to encourage media coverage.

A woman suddenly rushes up to Tuskin and launches her hand towards his camera and face, yelling, “You’re not the media, stop filming!”

Another woman then gets in Tuskin’s face, claiming that he doesn’t know the definition of assault.

“There’s all these witnesses here, they can testify that since you were filming her, you really weren’t afraid,” claims the woman, who seems to be making the argument that assault is only assault when someone is in fear of being assaulted before it happens.

“I’m afraid of you, I feel assaulted,” the woman then claims as she threatens to report Tuskin to the police if he doesn’t leave.

“Get out of here because you’re assaulting me! I’m like shaking here, do you want me to have a seizure on the sidewalk to prove you’re assaulting me?” she continues.

When Tuskin jokes that he voted for “Deez Nuts,” the feminist begins screaming hysterically before flipping the bird numerous times.

As the woman becomes increasingly more irate, two of her fellow protesters surround her, blocking the camera, in an apparent attempt to stop her making an even bigger fool out of herself.

“I’m a lawyer! I’m nailing his ass!” the woman can then be heard saying.

“You’re out in public – what expectation of privacy do you have?” Tuskin asks the crazed woman.

“I feel assaulted!” the feminist continues to claim, before asking Tuskin if he is on drugs.

Another feminist then claims Tuskin was lying when he said he was assaulted, despite the video footage proving otherwise.

Tuskin’s final exchange with the crazed feminist is to inform her that her antics are “YouTube gold”.

As we have previously documented, pro-abortion feminists are the most aggressive, obnoxious, and violent leftists you will ever have the misfortune to come across.


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