Andrew Nappi
January 1, 2014

The Vermont legislature will consider legalization of marijuana during the 2014 session.

Sen. David Zuckerman, P/D-Chittenden filed S.306. If passed, the bill would legalize the sale of marijuana with the state regulating it at both the wholesale and retail level. Under the law, anyone age 21 or older would be able to possess up to two ounces and three plants.

Passage of the bill would further nullify unconstitutional federal marijuana prohibition.

Zuckerman’s proposal would create a regulatory structure with oversight by the Department of Liquor Control. An excise tax on every wholesale seller of $50 per ounce upon marijuana sold in Vermont would be established. Criminal penalties for possession of larger amounts of marijuana and the sale of marijuana outside the regulatory structure established in this bill are maintained. The penalties for underage possession of marijuana would be the same as they currently are for underage possession of alcohol.

Gov. Peter Shumlin recently said he supports marijuana legalization in Vermont, but he’s “neither willing nor proposing” to do it during the upcoming legislative session. Shumlin is considered by marijuana legalization advocates as the example all other governors should follow.

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