A verified leftist on Twitter responded to the media’s fake news demonization campaign against the Covington Catholic High School students by calling for them to be ‘fired on’ and for their school to be burned down.

After the teens, some of whom were wearing MAGA hats, became embroiled in a brief confrontation with a Native American activist, the media launched a smear campaign claiming that they had harassed Nathan Phillips.

However, full video footage of the incident showed that the teens themselves were being harassed and abused by a militant black identity group and that Phillips had tried to provoke the confrontation by walking into the crowd of boys, who had begun singing high school chants to drown out the homophobic and violent abuse they were receiving.

Despite them doing absolutely nothing wrong, the Covington kids were subjected to a sustained 48 hour barrage of violent abuse, threats and doxxing on Twitter, with the Silicon Valley giant doing little to stem the tide of hatred.

Musician and verified leftist ‘Uncle Shoes’ was accused of inciting murder against the students after he tweeted, “If you are a true fan of Shoes I want you to fire on any of these red hat bitches when you see them. On sight.”

“Lock the kids in the school and burn that bitch to the ground,” he added.

“Burn the fucking school down,” he re-iterated.

He later ludicrously tried to claim that ‘fired on’ didn’t mean to shoot but to punch.

Someone reported the threats to Twitter, who responded by saying the tweets did not violate their guidelines.

Other celebrities, activists and verified leftists used their platforms to sick outrage mobs on the children.

Hollywood producer Jack Morrissey expressed his desire to see the kids “go screaming, hates first, into the woodchipper.”

Writer Kevin Allred brazenly asserted that all white people were terrorists (he is white).

Porn star Stormy Daniels all but called for the kids to be electrocuted.

Comedian Kathy Griffin was accused of orchestrating a doxxing campaign of the kids after demanding to know their identities.

CNN contributor Reza Aslan tweeted that the main student seen during the confrontation had a “punchable face”.

Musician Wheeler Walker called on his fans to “punch him in the nuts and send me the video of it.”

It appears that Twitter has failed to take any action against any of these threats, with no news of any of the individuals in question being suspended by the social media giant.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

Harrison reacts to the video the has circulated mainstream media about the boys who were surrounded and “terrorized” Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

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