According to Eric Paddock, his brother Stephen was a “highly intelligent” and “highly successful” person capable of doing “anything he wanted to do.”

“Steve did this all by himself,” Paddock told reporters Tuesday. “One hundred percent, Steve did this by himself.”

“People can’t seem to cope with that either, but Steve was a highly intelligent, highly successful person. He could have done anything he wanted to do, and he did. He made himself wealthy, he made us wealthy. He was a very successful person, he gambled for 20 plus years successfully. It’s like a job to him, he did it mathematically. He did it because it was a way to have a fun life and he didn’t go poor doing it,” Paddock said.

Why then did he chose to target a country music concert filled with white, Christian conservative Trump supporters?

This is the question people should be asking.

With his ability, he clearly could have massacred anyone he wanted. He chose to massacre these people for a reason.

We need to know what, if anything, was written on the “note” in his room and we need to know what he said in the video he took of his killing spree.

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