With its so-called “peacekeeping” military troops facing outrage worldwide for raping and exploiting children with impunity, the United Nations is launching a major push to expand and further empower its UN “police” force known as UNPOL.

At the same time, the controversial global organization is working to usurp more influence over national police forces, with the UN bringing together more than 100 national police chiefs this month at what is its first-ever UN “Chiefs of Police Summit” (UN COPS). The scheming comes less than two years after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on local police forces in the United States to comply with what he cryptically referred to as “international standards.”

At the center of the UN’s efforts to empower its self-styled “Police” force is a new report commissioned by the UN that — surprise! — claims the UN Police need more money, power, and prestige. “In reality, the [UN] Police Division’s current capacity and resourcing is insufficient and has not kept pace with the increased tasks and complexity of police mandates in peace operations,” the report claimed. In other words, hand over more resources — money, power, officers, technology, and more — to keep up with the UN’s vision for globalized “law” enforcement. The report also called for a “paradigm shift” in how the UN “polices” people around the world.

Among the recommendations is that “the current staffing level of the Police Division needs to be increased in order to align proportionally with the expanded role of police in contemporary peace operations.” However, the number of UN “police officers” has already ballooned from 2,000 in 1999 to more than 13,000 today. The report also called for upgrading the UN’s “Police Adviser” bureaucrat to “Assistant Secretary-General” status. Finally, the document called for the roll-out of a “strategic framework” that envisions UN police serving as a “substitute for local police,” “helping secure elections,” and even fighting “crime and violent extremism.” The UN has also proudly launched a global war on “ideologies,” including “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

Speaking to national police chiefs from around the world, the UN’s deputy chief also claimed UN police needed “the latest technology and access to intelligence.” Under-Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations Hervé Ladsous, who oversees scandal-plagued UN “peace” missions, said “we need to work with the tools of the 21st century because criminals and trouble makers will not hesitate to resort to the most sophisticated means.” But, support from the UN’s member governments and dictatorships is needed, he told national police bosses. “We need you, all of you, if we are to strengthen UN police,” he said, calling for more Arabic speakers to join the UN force.

Big changes are also needed in UN policing, according to the “external” report released this month. “In short, Member States and the Security Council are left with a stark choice,” the report claimed. “They can maintain the status quo and authorize more achievable mandates aligned to what police components can actually deliver under the current operating model (limited capacity building and institutional development). Or, they can support a change to the current operating model to enable police components to deliver on tailored mandates, by providing enhanced police capacities that could better meet the challenges of today’s peace operations.”

While the report was marketed as an “external” and “independent” effort, it was nothing of the sort. The team responsible for the pro-UN Police empowerment agenda was appointed by UN “peacekeeping” boss Ladsous. It was ordered by UN boss Ban. And it was co-chaired by two UN apparatchiks who owe their living and their bombastic UN job titles to the UN. So it is hardly surprising that, as practically every UN report does, the document was fully supportive of further empowering the UN.

In addition to the new report calling for a more powerful UN police force, the UN is also working hard to expand its influence over national police forces in the nations that have them. At its first-ever UN Chiefs of Police Summit (UN COPS), the UN brought more than 100 national police bosses to New York City. The summit, held in the dictator-dominated UN General Assembly hall where tyrants are given the opportunity to defend tyranny every year in front of their fellow dictators, was dubbed “historic” by multiple UN bureaucrats and propaganda organs. And for good reason — the implications of the effort are massive.

Speaking to the UN COPS summit via video, UN boss Ban, who has recently started referring to the dictators club he leads as the “Parliament of Humanity,” glorified the UN’s “law enforcement” machinations. “Around the world, I have seen the difference that our brave police officers make to establish the rule of law and pave the way for peace and sustainable development,” he said, with the term “sustainable development” serving as UN-speak for massive government control over everything. “From Kabul to Kinshasa, from Port-au-Prince to Pristina, United Nations Police work in some of the most challenging situations on earth.”

According to the UN, the global body has more than 12,500 UN “police” officers deployed in 18 different UN “peace” missions around the world. Many of those UN “peace missions” have been noteworthy primarily for the horrifying abuses of women and children by UN forces, as documented extensively in this magazine and even in official UN reports. From raping eight-year old children in Haiti and the Central African Republic in recent years, to persecuting whistleblowers who try to protect the children, tobacking Muslim militias that butchered Christians in the Ivory Coast, to trafficking child sex slaves out of Bosnia in the 1990s, toindiscriminately slaughtering civilians and medical workers in Katanga in the 1960s, among countless other atrocities, the UN’s “peace” forces have rightfully developed an unparalleled reputation for savagery and barbarism with impunity.

But you would never know it from Ban’s glowing comments about UN “police” in “peace” missions around the world. “They protect communities. They bring stability. They restore confidence,” Ban claimed about the UN’s police forces. “UN COPS is a tremendous opportunity. It is a chance to further ensure that United Nations Police become ever more ‘fit for purpose’ — and able to meet the security threats in today’s volatile global context. Together, let us work for a safer and more secure world for all. United Nations Police are your police.”

Before the summit began at UN headquarters in New York City on June 3, Ban asked all UN member governments and regimes —including some of the most savage dictators and mass murderers on the planet — to send their national police bosses. And he was not shy about the purpose. “This important forum provides a unique opportunity to promote the links between UN policing and national police services and to learn from different policing approaches,” he explained, with “different policing approaches” taking on a sinister tone when considering the UN’s membership roster. The official UN website reiterated that theme, saying the UN COPS would help show how UN “peace operations” and “national policing” actually “complement and mutually reinforce each other.”

Speaking at the UN COPS summit in person was UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, who boasted of all the nations where UN police are “policing,” or helping oftentimes corrupt and brutal governments build their own UN-style police forces to better oppress their subjects. “UNCOPS is a tremendous opportunity,” the deputy chief gushed. “For the first time, countries which host and contribute to UN Police, key partners and the UN leadership, are joining forces to discuss the complementarity between national and international policing.”

He also noted that, “strongly linked to all these efforts is the transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” The controversial UN “Agenda 2030” he referred to, also known as the “Sustainable Development Goals,” is essentially a UN road map to global totalitarianism inked last year by the UN’s member states, mostly oppressive governments and dictators. Ban and Eliasson have both referred to it as the world’s “Declaration of Interdependence.” In short, it calls for national and international wealth redistribution, indoctrination of children under the guise of “education,” much more power for the UN, global meddling in every area of life, and much more. While signed by a cheer-leading Obama, the scheme has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate as required for all treaties.

In particular, Eliasson pointed to one of the 17 UN “goals” for humanity that focuses on the UN’s vision of society, “justice,” and “strong” government institutions to guide people toward the UN’s agenda. “UN Police is central to this equation, to this structure,” Eliasson explained. “It has become a central pillar of United Nations peace operations as indicated in the external review of the functions, structure and capacity of the UN police function…. In striving for effective multilateralism, UNCOPS is a springboard to make sure that United Nations Police becomes ever more ‘fit for purpose.’”

Using the rhetoric of a wanna-be global government, Eliasson also offered some bizarre statements with troubling implications for those who value national sovereignty, individual liberty, local police accountable to local communities, and other important values associated with freedom and the free world. “UN Police are our police, serving ‘We the Peoples’ of the UN,” the deputy UN boss continued in his speech to UN COPS and national police chiefs from around the world. “We commend your commitment to work with the UN to advance peace and security as one international community and one global neighborhood.”

How an ostensibly free nation such as the United States could be considered part of the same “neighborhood” with ruthlessly oppressed nations victimized by UN member dictators was not explained. It is true, though, that many of the world’s most dangerous mass murderers and tyrants sent their chief enforcers to the UN summit. It was not immediately clear who, if anyone, represented the Obama administration at the summit.

Also speaking to the assembled police chiefs and UN bigwigs was UN peacekeeping boss Ladsous. He urged UN member regimes and their national police chiefs to supply more resources and officers. Among other benefits, he said that by sending their personnel to serve the UN, they would be at the “forefront of the global effort to frustrate the activities of criminals and extremists.” Of course, “extremists” in UN-speak does not mean what one might think, as this magazine has documented extensively. Ladsous also said the officers would “acquire additional skills and qualifications that will better serve them when they return home.”

The United States has a long history of local police accountable to and paid for by local communities and voters, rather than a nationalized police force more often associated with dictatorships and rogue governments. In fact, the Constitution does not authorize a national police force, reserving the police power to states, local communities, and the people. Historically, that model of decentralized policing has served as a key guardian of Americans’ liberties. Indeed, imposing national tyranny in the United States or any other country without a national police force is extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible — certainly among the reasons America’s Founders prohibited such a force.

However, local police and their independence from federal control are both under threat from the Obama administration and the UN itself. Both are pushing, loudly and openly, to nationalize and globalize American police forces, as this magazine has documented extensively. In 2014, amid the riots and looting and Ferguson, UN boss Ban even demanded, openly in a press release, that local police in Missouri observe what he called “international standards.” American police officers have also been training with the UN for years, for reasons that have not been made clear — even as the UN continues to viciously denounce and demonize American police.

In addition to all of the police schemes controlled by the UN is another equally controversial international outfit known as Interpol, which styles itself a planetary “law enforcement” agency. The organization, which was once controlled by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime that ruled Germany and murdered millions, has come under heavy criticism in recent years as well. Among other concerns, Interpol was reportedly used by hard-line Islamist dictators to hunt down Christians “apostates” and journalists. And the outfit continues to usurp more and more power.

Despite the UN’s horrifying track record, Obama has been an enthusiastic supporter of empowering the UN’s armed “peace” schemes — everything from the UN’s military and police forces to Interpol and global “terror” bureaucracies have received major political backing from the White House. Obama has also been a vocal advocate of handing over more U.S. taxpayer funds, resources, technology, and authority to the dictators club for the ostensible purpose of “peace” and “law enforcement,” as illustrated in his budget requests demanding huge sums of additional money for the UN and its military “peace” enforcement.

However, the dangers of such scheming are clear. Congress should take urgent action, including approving the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to withdraw the U.S. government from the UN. Without action, the UN has shown that it will continue to run wild and usurp more illegitimate power — with already struggling U.S. taxpayers serving as the piggy bank for it all.

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