A UKIP MEP claims he has been threatened with a gun by migrants as he passed through Dunkirk in northern France this morning.

Mike Hookem, who was elected to the European parliament last year, took to Twitter to say that he’d reported the alleged incident to police in Dunkirk but was told he would need to report it by phone.

Mr Hookem has not elaborated on the circumstances of the incident, but his claims come as towns and cities in northern France struggle to cope with an influx of migrants hoping to reach Britain.

He did claim to have footage backing up his allegations, however, and used the hashtag #LawlessDunkirk to refer to the incident.

Thousands of desperate people fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa have made they way to ports such as Calais – just 30 miles from Dunkirk – where they are living in squalid camps and making nightly attempts to storm the Channel Tunnel in the hope of walking through it to the UK.

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