A team of British scientists is advising people to turn off air conditioning to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In a recent report by the Telegraph, UK engineers urged people to “sacrifice” their comfort and open windows if they use air conditioners which recirculate air – or not use them entirely.

These types of “split” A/C units which do not have a “dedicated source of outside air supply into a room… could be responsible for recirculating and spreading airborne viral particles into the path of socially distanced users,” reads guidance from the Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers.

UK engineer Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald advised people using split units to open windows to let outside air in, or avoid places that use them altogether.

“The recommended strategy now, if you have one of these split units, is to throw the window open and sacrifice your desire for a cold or cooler environment. If there is a modicum of wind it will move the air around,” Fitzgerald told the Telegraph.

“If you can’t open a window, you probably shouldn’t be using the space if it is occupied by more than one person,” Fitzgerald added.

Likewise, “fan coil unit” users are advised turn off their A/C’s if there is poor outside air ventilation:

The recommendation comes as the World Health Organization is being urged to recognize the possibility that coronavirus may be spreading through airborne transmission, rather than just droplets or person-to-person contact as previously assumed.

The unwanted advice, which adds to a litany of coronavirus precautions and restrictions, will no doubt be widely ignored especially going into the scorching hot summer months.

On top of reducing air conditioner use, the head of the Texas Division of Emergency Management last week urged Texans to wear face masks inside their homes.

“We still need people to wear the mask out in public, we still need people to keep social distance and isolation,” Chief Nim Kidd said. “Ryan, the one thing I want to try to get across today is we need to do that when we’re in our homes also.”

Maybe if we all just stop breathing the coronavirus will go away?

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