A Gulf War veteran in the United Kingdom decided to show his patriotism by flying the Union Jack flag on his own property, only to be immediately deluged with complaints by neighbors.

Father of two Andrew Smith said he put the flag up at his home in Nottingham because, “I’m a patriotic person, I like people to know that I’m proud of the United Kingdom.”

Before he installed the flag pole, Smith checked with a local Facebook group whether anyone would have a problem with it and received 95% positive feedback, with people telling him it was a “brilliant idea.”

“Within about ten minutes of putting the flagpole up, we had a knock at the front door – one of the neighbors saying it upset them – can I take it down please,” said Smith.

Smith decided to leave the flag up, remarking, “Patriotism comes first.”

The veteran said he then had “six or seven visits in one day from the neighbors again and in the next couple of days another six or seven.”

The complaints then stopped but within 48 hours Smith received a letter from a solicitor demanding the flag be removed because it was “causing a nuisance.”

“For it to be causing a nuisance, surely it’s got to be making a noise or it’s got to be offensive, but with it being a Union Jack I don’t see how it could offend anybody that loves their country,” said Smith.

The responses to a video of Smith explaining the situation received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Normally in the UK, it’s local government councils that demand flags be removed in order not to cause “offense,” but the fact that Smith’s own neighbors led the charge on this one illustrates how broken the country truly is.

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