During the post-fight press conference at UFC Vegas 11, mixed-martial arts legend Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone revealed that he refused orders to wear a mask on national television because he doesn’t “stand for that sh*t,” and explained that he is a “true-gritted hard core American Republican.”

Cerrone holds a staggering number of UFC records across his 33-fight career with promotion, including most wins, most finishes, most knockdowns, most post-fight bonuses, and most head kick knockouts in UFC history.

After his fight with Niko Price on Saturday night, which ended in a technical draw, Cerrone was asked to offer his thoughts on fighting without a crowd because of COVID-19 restrictions. He responded, ‘I mean, as soon as the election’s over I’m sure that will be right back to normal so we should be good to go.”

A journalist then asked Cerrone to elaborate further on his thoughts about the COVID-19 lockdown, and whether he thought there was a politically motivated overreaction.

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“Yeah, super overreaction. Where I live out in New Mexico, my life hasn’t changed at all, man. We go the store, I don’t wear mask, we’re all quarantined on the ranch because it’s just the way we live but, out here like, when we were walking in they were like, ‘Put your mask on’ and I was like, ‘Hell no, I don’t stand for that shit,’ I’m not gonna wear a mask on TV. I don’t wear one anyway,” Cerrone said.

“I’m like a true-gritted, hardcore American Republican so I don’t know if me talking Republican talk up here for Trump is gonna help anything, it’ll probably go viral and a lot of people will hate me, but yeah, I think as soon as this election’s over it’s gonna wash out, I really do,” Cerrone added.

The full post-fight press conference can be seen below.

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