Violent demos staged by Soros funded and State Dept. encouraged activists

Kurt Nimmo
January 29, 2014

Obama’s intelligence boss, James Clapper, set the stage on Wednesday for further violence in Ukraine and a more robust response by the United States.

“Firmly intent on maintaining his hold on power, Yanukovych will probably resort to coercion, extralegal means, and other tactics to tilt the playing field in his favor and ensure his reelection, threatening a further erosion of democratic norms,” National Intelligence Director Clapper said in a statement sent to the Senate.

He said the financial aid package sent by Russia in December will prevent an immediate collapse of the Ukrainian economy in the “short term” and will increase dependence by the government in Kiev and make it vulnerable to Russian political pressure. Clapper made the remarks in an annual assessment by sixteen intelligence agencies.

The spy agency critique arrives as Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine’s president from 1991 to 1994, warned the country is on the “brink of civil war” as increasingly violent protests against the government of President Viktor Yanukovych escalate. “It is a revolution. It is a dramatic situation in which we must act with the greatest responsibility,” he said to a standing ovation before the Ukrainian Parliament.

At least five people, including a police officer, have died during protests that began in November when Yanukovych signaled willingness to strengthen ties with Russia. The opposition demands closer ties to the European Union. On Tuesday, Russian President Putin reaffirmed his country’s commitment to Ukraine and warned of interference in its internal affairs.

Following the resignation of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on Tuesday, the Ukrainian Parliament repealed a number of anti-protest laws enacted on January 16 curtailing freedom of assembly.

Soros Groups Continue Pressure on Government Despite Concessions

The George Soros Open Society Institute supported and funded group Spilna Sprava has agreed to end its occupation of the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry in the center of Kiev. The occupation of government buildings by the radical group nearly resulted in a declaration of a national emergency by the government.

According to the Ukrainian nationalist political party Svoboda, Spilna Sprava has agreed to relocate to the Ukrainian House, a building originally erected as a Lenin museum in 1978. According to Svoboda Party member Oleksandr Leonov, Spilna Sprava needs to leave the ministry ahead of the passage of an amnesty bill that would apply to protesters arrested during “EuroMaidan” rallies.

Maidan, Ukrainian for “independence,” is the name of the square where the opposition continues to confront the government.

“The connections between the Kyiv uprising and the EU outside manipulators are so apparent, the Kyiv square that has become the ‘Tahrir Square’ of Ukraine is called ‘Euromaidan.’ The initial Tahrir Square uprising in Cairo, which overthrew Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, was partly manipulated by Soros-financed and [CIA tactician Gene Sharp]-influenced street demonstrators who took their cues from professional political agitators hastily flown into Egypt from the United States and Europe,” Wayne Madsen wrote in December.

The Party of Regions, a Ukrainian political party described as euroskeptic by its detractors, told the Kyiv Post today it has ample evidence of U.S. complicity in the violent demonstrations.

“The Americans dole out cash to certain activists, $50,000 at a time just for fuel, right on the U.S. Embassy premises,” writes Katya Gorchinskaya for the Kyiv Post. “Some protesters are getting upwards of $500 per day for taking part in the protests, and the pay grows the more Molotov cocktails they throw at the defenseless police who have the law on their side to use weapons in such cases, but instead they act with great restraint.”

“Ever since the democracy manipulation efforts of international hedge fund brigand George Soros were joined with the artificial street revolution tactics of CIA tactician Gene Sharp to form the core strategy of the U.S. neo-conservative goal of imposing a ‘New American Century’ on the entire world, Ukraine has served as the prize of America’s interventionist foreign policy,” Madsen summarized late last year.

“Ukraine, which resisted efforts by the European Union to integrate it into Europe’s banker-led federation of austerity and poverty, came into the EU’s cross hairs after it abandoned an ‘Association Agreement’ pact with the EU. Instead, Kyiv opted for a more lucrative economic union with Russia. That move triggered off a mass street uprising in Kyiv’s Maidan (Independence) Square that demanded the resignation of Ukraine’s democratically-elected President and government,” writes Madsen.

According to a survey conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the Razumkov Center, a large number of Ukrainians support the Yanukovych government.

“President Viktor Yanukovych would still get 30 percent of the vote in a presidential election,” writes Gorchinskaya. “This is an amazing result, that represents about 10 million people. And the number is truly stunning when you read that 71 percent of those polled said the situation in the country has gotten worse in the course of last year. This means many of those who are unhappy with the government, still endorse it.”

This political reality is not portrayed accurately in the West, however, where corporate media coverage gives the impression most Ukrainians want to merge with the European Union and accept a regimen of austerity and bankster-imposed “reforms” that invariably lead to a lower standard of living and ever increasing misery.

CNN, Fox, MSNBC and the rest of the corporate alphabet media continue to pay attention to sensationalistic EuroMaidan activists clad in balaclavas throwing Molotov cocktails while portraying Ukrainian police as thugs and the government as puppets sucking up to a post-Soviet regime in Moscow. The obvious activist links to Soros, the State Department, USAID, the CIA surrogate NED and the European Union, on the other hand, are completely ignored.

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