When was the last time you checked your tyranny watch?

If it’s been a while, you will soon learn we are way past midnight.

Most of us assume that our rights harboring this supposed ethical American society are like a rock that can’t be moved.

In reality, the boulder is being pushed over a cliff inch by inch, bit by bit, every day.

A father was wounded after he shielded his three kids from gunfire at a Bronx car dealership.

An ethical society would have helped him get back on his feet.

He was fired from his two jobs for missing work instead.

While freedom of speech has really taken a beating, a Louisville police officer had to step down over calling BLM punks, which is a nice way of describing them.

Also in Louisville, a man protecting his business refused to bow to The Biden Army of punks from BLM so a business he owned was firebombed.

Remind you of anything?

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