Twitter is apparently removing embarrassing footage of Prince Harry asking Disney CEO Bob Iger for a job for his wife Meghan Markle.

The resurfaced video shows Harry pitching the Duchess of Sussex to Iger about a voiceover gig while Markle chats up music icons Jay-Z and Beyoncé during the “Lion King” premiere in London last July.

“You know she does voice-overs?” Harry tells Iger, who responds with, “Oh really? Ah…”

“Did you know that?” Harry asks.

Iger replied, “I did not know that.”

Harry then acts as Markle’s agent, inquiring about a possible job for her at Disney.

“You seem surprised, but yeah, she’s really interested,” Harry says.

Iger politely indulges the Duke of Sussex, nodding and saying, “Sure…we’d love to try.”

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Users on Twitter called out the shameless elitist ingratiating.

Soon enough, Twitter attempted to remove the video from its platform.

Other videos of Markle appearing to control Harry’s behavior have also gained attention following their recent unprecedented split from the Royal Family.

Last week, the royal couple announced their withdrawal from senior royal duties and intent to move to North America – likely Canada, as Markle is Canadian – which has outraged Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the Royal Family.

The couple is set to have a sit-down meeting with the Queen, Prince William, and Prince Charles over how to deal with their unusual departure going forward.




Prince Andrew is the first in Royal history to be booted from the offices of Buckingham Palace.

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