Leftists on Twitter have identified yet another shocking example of the re-emergence of white supremacy and racism in America – white colored Skittles.

The social network giant was flooded with tweets expressing outrage at the fruit-flavored chewy candy being sold without colors.

“This is soooo fucking stupid. Why should whiteness mean equality?!” said one Twitter user.

“Skittles realized how white/capitalist PRIDE was becoming and wanted to join in the efforts. Interesting,” said another woman.

“Damn, Skittles turning against the coloreds too,” added another.

Some of the tweets received hundreds of retweets.

“Shoulda been brown or black. I aint eating no white skittles,” said another woman.

White Skittles are nothing new – they were promoted last year to celebrate Obama declaring June “LGBT Pride Month,” so it’s unexplained why race obsessives are suddenly up in arms now.

The fact that the candy is white has nothing to do with race and is in fact a nod to the kind of mindless, virtue-signalling identity politics that ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporters would normally embrace.

Skittles introduced the new color because, in their own words, “only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention – yours. And we’re not going to be the ones to steal your rainbow thunder, no siree.”

However, the demand that everything has to be filtered through the lens of the ‘Oppression Olympics’ has brought with it the relatively recent trend of social justice warriors eating their own.

This has led to some on the far left denigrating LGBT causes as a distraction from the supposed oppression of black people (a phenomenon that objectively does not exist).


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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