Does anyone doubt this will be the case?

From The Hill:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his Monday night program said that in 20 years, every fifth grader in the U.S. will believe “9/11 was committed by white supremacists.”

Carlson’s remarks came in the context of what he described as “propaganda” from liberals lambasting President Trump for inciting violence.

“I swear in 20 years, every fifth grader will believe 9/11 was committed by white supremacists,” Carlson said on his show. “Totally true. You watch. You heard it here first. They’re the real threat, we need to fear and suppress them.”


This is how the left does history:

Here’s those two images:

Corey Booker’s stats, which probably came from the ADL or SPLC, are completely fake.

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The SPLC, for example, claimed Omar Mateen’s Orlando nightclub terrorist attack which killed 49 people was a right-wing, anti-gay attack, even though Mateen called 911 during the shooting and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The ADL’s stats are similar junk.

Just look at Wikipedia’s list of recent mass shootings:

Only the Pittsburgh synagogue attack was done by a white supremacist.

The deadliest attack was targeting country-music-watching middle Americans at a concert in Las Vegas — the type of people the media loves to demonize as “white supremacists” just for voting Trump — the cause of which is still supposedly unknown.

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