If you’re a regular LwC reader you’re likely familiar with Tucker Carlson. We’ve mentioned his classy badassery a few times before (see Tucker Carlson Destroys Anti-Gun Brady Campaign).

This time, in the video below, Carlson’s melting the face off of Ezekiel Emanual. Ezekiel played a huge part in constructing Obamacare. He also bears a striking likeness to a baby pterodactyl. Watch…

Tucker Carlson interviewed Ezekiel Emanuel on his new primetime Fox News show Tuesday night. Carlson opened by noting “Obamacare is the biggest piece of social reorganization passed in [his] lifetime, and yet it has never, as far as I know, received majority support.”

“The poorest section of our population is young people. They’re the poorest, and yet we’re forcing them to buy into the system to subsidize health care of the old and the sick, who are also the richest section of our population. Why is that fair and why would you expect them to like it?”


Carlson brings up a good point. Healthy young people are the most likely to go without health insurance. That is, they were the most likely… Back when they had a choice. Now they’ve been forced to opt into a system that they can’t afford and don’t need. Also, they might be working fewer hours because of said crappy system. All because Obama wanted to launch a program with his name slapped on it, of course. #Caring

At this point it’s hard to tell what the future holds in terms of healthcare. But here’s what we do know: Obamacare is the hairy feminist pits (see YES! New Video SLAMS Democrats for ‘Broken Promises’ on Obamacare). Premiums skyrocketed and insurance companies are dropping out. Rather than try to fix the problem, Democrats have shifted the blame onto Republicans in Congress. Because logic. Who needs it? Throw it out the window with the doctor you get to “keep.”

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We’ve talked about the suckness of Obamacare in depth before. Watch Crowder go into detail in the video below – it’s time stamped for your convenience because we care.

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