The TSA allowed convicted terrorist bomber Sara Jane Olson to pass through expedited screening at a Minn. airport, despite knowing her criminal background.

The incident occurred at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport back in 2014, according to a TSA Inspector General Report and a KMSP-TV investigation which confirmed Olson as the “notorious convicted felon” described in the report.

A TSA agent recognized Olson, who served seven years in prison for planting bombs under police cars, but when he notified his supervisor he was told to “take no further action and allow the traveler through the TSA Pre-Check lane.”

The TSA should have declared Olson ineligible for expedited screening, the report stated.

However, the report, which is heavily redacted, does not reveal why Olson was allowed into the Pre-Check program.

We reported on a similar incident in 2014 when the TSA, on orders from the State Dept., spared the Muslim Brotherhood from pat downs and other security measures despite the group’s close ties to al-Qaeda.

One member of the Brotherhood delegation was even under investigation for child pornography but still received VIP treatment while traveling through America’s airports.

None of this is really that shocking considering the TSA is more interested in conditioning the public to obey authority than providing real security.

The TSA even admitted the invasive body scanners and pat downs are ineffective at stopping a threat of which the agency admits “there is no evidence.”

“…Both the nude body scanners and the pat-downs are more extensive and intensive than necessary to detect non-metallic explosives in light of available alternatives,” reads a Statement of Argument for a court case regarding the TSA’s security practices. “Additionally, they are ineffective at addressing the threat at hand and are incredibly invasive, which is to be balanced against the risk of a threat for which the TSA has admitted there is no evidence.”

“Accordingly, both procedures are independently unconstitutional.”

But that hasn’t stopped the TSA from molesting the American public while treating terrorists like royalty.

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