Leading the charge over the cliff for the ambiguous self-loathing Democratic Party is Joe Biden – the front runner who leads the field by 18 points.

Even though he is gradually feeling comfortable enough in his own skin to go back to his creepiness around children, and as we plunge headlong into a Biden-led clown car of Democratic candidates, details of Biden’s history of pedophiliac behavior continue to bubble to the surface.

The most recent allegations gradually dogging Biden’s campaign include a mysterious intervention by his family after Biden suffered a Brain Aneurysm.

More needs to be investigated surrounding the possibility that Biden may have been suffering from pedophilic urges due to the aneurysm. A known cause as reported by the Independent in 2016. “Canadian psychologist and sex behaviour scientist Dr James Cantor, who was not involved in the case, said that the man’s is one of a handful of reports where people have carried out sexual crimes against children because of a head injury or brain disorder. He added that his cause would likely no longer be regarded as paedophilia having been caused by a tumour.”

And as Mueller backs up his nothingburger with the odd assurance that they can’t rule out obstruction for a nonexistent crime, it is becoming increasingly evident that what’s at stake here is the growing panic among the raft of Intelligence Community leaders who may have committed treason. Now we are learning that none other than Joe Biden may have had a hand in the origins of The Trump Coup operation being investigated by AG Barr.

As Breitbart reports, “intelligence community’s early handling of the Russia investigation may itself raise questions…..it was first handled at a ‘very senior level’ and then by a ‘small group.'”

This small group included Jim Comey, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, and James Clapper. And as the lengthy Washington Post article dated June 23, 2017 revealed, “Gradually, the circle widened to include Vice President Biden and others. Agendas sent to Cabinet secretaries — including John F. Kerry at the State Department and Ashton B. Carter at the Pentagon — arrived in envelopes that subordinates were not supposed to open. Sometimes the agendas were withheld until participants had taken their seats in the Situation Room.”

So when Christopher Steele outright refuses to speak with U.S. Attorney John Durham over the origins of the now-debunked Dossier at the center of the investigation, it is only because there are people as high as President Obama and Presidential candidate Biden who will be destroyed by the truth that must come out.

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