Multiple mainstream outlets have reported that caravan members – including children – are being exploited by sex traffickers, which confirms President Trump was right when he warned this would happen.

In a tweet from Nov. 21, the president said there were “a lot of criminals in the caravan:”

Correspondingly, local cartels are responsible for kidnapping at least 100 members of the caravan, including children, according to British media outlet The Independent.

“Around 100 members of a refugee and migrant caravan traveling towards the U.S. have reportedly fallen victim to organized crime as they moved through Mexico,” reads the report. “The Los Zetas cartel was likely to be behind the disappearances.”

Additionally, kidnappers have offered rides on fruit trucks to the traveling migrants, according to HuffPost Mexico.

“There we began to see that fruit trucks were coming to us, of those that carry 16 to 23 tons of food, they offered us transport, charging up to 150 pesos per person, we started to document plates to images of the drivers, alert the migrants that they did not do it, but in despair people took it in.”

“All I could do was try to open the boxes of the trucks, which were locked with padlocks.”

This also sheds light on how, over the past several years, international media has reported on the sexual abuse by U.N. peacekeepers:

However, the U.N. reportedly “cannot” punish peacekeepers from other countries, meaning that only a fraction of the alleged perpetrators have served jail time.

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