President Trump Tuesday night tweeted an edited video of Democrat opponent Joe Biden rocking out to NWA’s “Fuck the police” from his podium.

The footage starts with Biden walking up to the podium before taking his phone out to stream the 80s-era anti-cop rap anthem.

“What is this all about?” Trump asked in the tweet, shared over 47,000 times and liked by over 128,000.

The real unedited clip is almost worse, and features Biden pandering to a Hispanic Heritage Month event on Tuesday in Kissimmee, Florida, by walking up to the podium and streaming the song, “Despacito.”

Following the president’s share, Twitter labeled the Biden-NWA mock-up “Manipulated media.”

In another tweet sharing the same video, Trump commented China would love to have Biden as US President.

“China is drooling. They can’t believe this!” Trump said.

This is merely a small flex of Trump’s troll powers — and we still have 48 days to go!

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